Jewish Learning at the Adas

Adult Education

Hamilton Kollel

Open Beit Midrash week nights at the Yeshiva

Hours 8:00 - 10:00pm.

For more information call 905-920-4755



Tuesday at 8:00pm

Men's Intro Level "Skill Based" Talmud Class

With Rabbi Chanan Weiser

Learn to decode, decipher & navigate through the pages of the Talmud.


Thursdays at 9:00pm
Mishmor at the Yeshiva
with Rabbi Selevan

  New Classes

To Infinity & Beyond:  A Four Week Series Exploring the Nature of our Soul & the Afterlife
With Rabbi Daniel Green 
Tuesdays at 730pm (starts Oct 17th)

Week 1, Oct 17:  Soul Searching
Is our soul eternal?  Who is the real you? Is our world just one stop in a larger journey?
Week 2, Oct 24:  Life In Utero
When does life begin?  Does angels really teach us in the womb? What happens when we're born?
Week 3, Oct 31:  Break on Through to the Other Side
What's happens when we die?  Are souls in Heaven aware of their loved ones on Earth?  The power of Kaddish. 
Week 4, Nov 7: Mission Accomplished?
Does Judaism believe in Reincarnation?

Crash Course in Hebrew Reading

7:30 - 9:00pm
with Geraldene Katz-Rose
(starts Oct 25)



Bat Mitzvah Club "Take II" - Never too late to celebrate!
A 12 week hands-on course for women who never experienced a Bat Mitzvah.  Culminating in a celebratory dinner and optional trip to Israel.
With Gail Michalowicz
Starts on October 30th. (Cost $300) For more information email
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Monthly Women's Rosh Chodesh Event & Learning
Coordinated by Chaviva Kutnowski
Women's Weekly Shabbat Class
Coordinated by Adaliah Schweitzer
Women's Class on the Power of Prayer
Rotating facilitators in rotating homes. 
Coordinated by Rebecca Shapiro
Times and locations may vary weekly. To be added to the e-list, please email


master parsha
Master Parsha
Join Rabbi Selevan for an inside look at the weekly parsha
jewish law & order
Contemporary Analysis of Jewish Law
An hour before evening services with Rabbi Aaron Selevan.
Daily Daf Yomi Chaburah

Weekdays 1/2 hour prior to morning services. Times vary on Shabbat. Contact Avi Shapiro for details.

Shabbat Shuk 
(at Shabbat Kiddush)

With Rabbi Aaron Selevan


Parsha Perspectives

1hr. prior to afternoon services with Rabbi Aaron Selevan


Shabbat Insights

1/2 hr. prior to afternoon services with Rabbi Mordechai Green 


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