Honouring the legacy that transformed the lives of countless individuals and shaped our community for generations.
On Tuesday, May 28th, we will commemorate the remarkable legacy of Rabbi Mordechai Green z'l at a Memorial Tribute Dinner and "Raise the Torch." Join us at this historic gathering as we honour his memory and pay tribute to his monumental achievements.
rsvp at www.jewishfuture.ca

United Shabbat, March 30th!
As we bless the new month of Nissan, we usher in the month of miracles!
Join us for a Complimentary Gala Kiddush
Kid's Carnival: Major League Shabbat
Kids" Carnival @ 10:30am, Sermon at 11am, Gala Kiddush at 11:45am
Thank you to Shawn & Elza Minden for their sponsorship iin honour of their son Brendon being accepted to the Naaleh program in Israel) and Arielle & Dr. Noah Farber (on the birth of a baby boy). 

Coffee Time with Friends 
Mondays @ 10:30 am 
Hosted by Lester & Carol Krames
Open to any adult with an opinion or who would just like to sit and have a social conversation. A drop-in program where you meet your old friends and make some new ones. Come and join the weekly kibbutz.  Coffee and conversation will be served in the Waxman at the Adas Israel. 

AYO Presents
The Art of French Pastry
With David Levy of Baking Tales
Sunday, March 31st @ 11am
master parsha
Master Parsha
Join Rabbi Selevan for an inside look at the weekly parsha
jewish law & order
Contemporary Analysis of Jewish Law
An hour before evening services with Rabbi Aaron Selevan.
Daily Daf Yomi Chaburah

Weekdays 1/2 hour prior to morning services. Times vary on Shabbat. Contact Avi Shapiro for details.

Shabbat Shuk 
(at Shabbat Kiddush)

With Rabbi Aaron Selevan


Parsha Perspectives

1/2 hr. prior to afternoon services. 


Hamilton Kollel


Open Beit Midrash 
Nightly 8:00-10:00pm
235 Bowman Street
Various Classes 
Women's Classes & Rosh Chodesh Programmes

Call for class schedule


KIDS MOVIE: $5 per child, popcorn & drinks provided.
($4 per child with 3 kids or more) 
Sunday, December 9 @ 11am | 865 Upper James St.   Click here
D O E S  A N T I - Z I O N I S M
= A N T I - S E M I T I S M ?
"Never Again Group Talks" Presents
Christine Douglass-William
March 3rd at 10am at the Adas
Christine is an international award-winning broadcast journalist and author of the book "The Challenge of Modernizing Islam." 
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